Based in South West co.Kildare , SPOTLESS provides cleaning services to Dublin, Carlow and Kildare. From Kilkenny to Wicklow, we have you covered.

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House Cleaning

Since we started our talented team works hard every day to provide the best services for our clients. We customize our offerings based on specific needs, so get in touch today to receive an initial quote.

When the time comes to move out many tenants neglect to get a final Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning. 
The main reason is that most of us are to busy or don't have the patience to do it, thinking it will be too difficult or will cost too much. 
Cleaning a whole apartment or house by yourself can be time consuming and most people opt not to do it.
 Fortunately, we are more than happy to help you out with our End of Tenancy Cleaning service.
Each job will be left spotless clean meeting the requirements of major Dublin letting agencies.

SPOTLESS specialized Dublin Cleaning company for pre-tenancy and moving out,
we know what is professional cleaning and we’re proud to stand for what’s affordable and truly the best.
We provide all materials, we guarantee you will get your deposit back, plus we deliver a high quality professional cleaning service.

End of tenancy cleaning service is guaranteed.

We work on bank holidays and weekends with no extra charge.

We clean the Oven and Widows as a part of the service with no extra charge.

No doubts about getting your deposit back.
Our team of experts will arrive on the scheduled date and time to clean the property from top to bottom.

Leaving your home clean and fresh for the next tenant.

Benefits of end of tenancy cleaning :
Guaranteed full deposit back
Grateful acceptance from your landlord or agency
Eco-friendly and professional equipment and products 

You can combine End Of Tenancy Cleaning  with :

Carpet Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

Power Washing Services

After Builder Cleaning



House Cleaning


Clean all light fittings and shades,switches and sockets,Full dusting & hoovering carpets,rugs , all sofas & armchairs,We clean all doors, frames, skirting and architraves, Clean all windows inside and outside (as much we can reach)Clean mirrors, picture frames, television and all glass, We clean all furniture and storage units, Remove all rubbish from the living room, We mop and Clean all floors AND MORE …


We clean all floors and sanitized, Clean sink, shower, bath, toilet, Clean all light fittings and shades, We clean mirror and windows inside and outside,We clean grout and tiles,radiators,Remove all rubbish,Remove and clean all mold from between grout,Bath , basin, taps, shower and fittings to be cleaned and polished,We clean all doors, frames, skirting and architraves,We mop and Clean all floors,AND MORE …


Bedroom carpet vacuum, Bedroom floor mop, Vacuum Mattress, Clean all furniture and storage units, Clean and vacuum under bed and mattress, Upholstery vacuumed, cushions lifted and cleaned underneath,Clean Mirrors,picture frames,All glass,We clean all light fittings and shades,Clean all windows inside and outside (as much we can reach)We Clean window sills,All skirting will be cleaned,Clean all radiators, Clean all doors,top of doors and architrave, Door handles will be polished,Clean sockets & light switches, Remove all rubbish from bedroom,We mop and Clean all floors,AND MORE …


We clean fridge, oven and all electric appliances, Remove all food and rubbish from presses and fridge, Clean presses on top, inside and outside, Wash all dishes, We clean worktop, tiles & grout, Clean, hoover and mop  all floors,We clean lights, shades, switches, sockets,We clean all doors, frames,skirting and architraves,Bins will be cleaned inside and out,We clean and remove grime from extractor,Clean sink and taps and we remove all lime scale and polish where required,We mop and Clean all floors,AND MORE …



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Casey Johnson Raheny

They did a great job Power Washing  pavement in front of my house. It was incredibly quick. I wasn't expecting to have such a great service in so little time.
I highly recommend them. You won't be let down.